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Learn at Home Resources


DoE provided

The Department of Education has provided a huge selection of learn at home resources arranged according to year level. Materials may also be provided by teachers on Connect. Please contact us if you need assistance to access Connect.

Test Tubes


Science isn't just about experiments it is also about understanding how nature works and the biology of the world around us. Here you will find links to live zoo webcams and some experiments you can do at home.

Technology Class


Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Projects and learning that require a combination of these learning areas can be found in the links provided. These activities are usually fun and allow kids to tinker and think critically about designing and building. Learn to code, build and design.

School Supply

All Areas

Links here will take you to web pages and resources that cover content from multiple learning areas. Here you will find links to teach you typing, cooking, or are fun and interesting ways to learn different content. Some links will provide resources and activities to lots of different learning areas so you can stay in the same place and learn a lot.  


Art & Music

We have collected some websites that will have your kids entertained with lots of art and craft activities as well as music. Get creative and make some masterpieces. You could even learn to play an instrument online. 

Math Formulas


Mathematics can be hard but the links here will help parents and students alike understand mathematical concepts easily with fun activities and  video explanations. Not only students will be brushing up and learning new math concepts but parents will too.

Chilren During Physical Education Lesson

Health & Wellbeing

It is important to look after yourself if studying from home. Links in this group include physical fitness links for kids and mindfulness activities. You can keep in tip top shape and be 100% prepared for learning starting your day with a fun exercise or mindfulness activity. 

Kids in the Museum

Virtual Excursion

This is a list of virtual field trips or excursions which allows you to travel to places that you wouldn't normally be able to. There is even one to Mars. So if you have to stay at home take a trip to far off places from the comfort of your couch and learn something new

Geography Lesson


Humanities and Social Sciences help children understand about the world around them. There are lots of exciting links included here to help kids understand where we live and beyond. Plus some links to resources provided by our very own State Library about WA history.

Colorful Book Spines


Reading is an important skill to master and requires lots of practice. These links will help provide resources to keep reading including links to audio books, read alouds and ebooks so that there will always be something to read. 

Chalkboard with Different Languages


The break at home could be long which means it is the perfect opportunity to keep up with your school's chosen language. These links will allow you to learn another language and keep practicing what you have already learnt in class. Maybe you could lean a new language.



Podcasts are a great way for kids to learn new things. There are lots that have been specifically developed for children that range from telling stories to answering life's big questions. They are almost always free to subscribe can be listened to in lots of different ways and have daily, weekly or monthly episodes.  

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